Stock Signals


Provides daily and weekly buy and sell trading signals based on divergence and crossover combinations for all US stocks and ETFs.

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Trading Signals

Our sophisticated trading model is based on divergence and crossover combinations. This model runs daily and weekly data making Stock Signals diverse enough for both short term and long term traders. Additionally, this gives the user the ability to confirm their swing trades with long term direction by cross-checking with the weekly signals.


Historical Signals

Does Stock Signals really work? Should you trust the signals presented in this application? We provide 3 months of historical signals so that you can cross-check the data and the model of the app, or if you just want to see the success of signals within a specific stock. It is a tried and true way to see the risk involved with each signal.


Real-Time Charts


No stock analysis tool would be complete without proper charts and only you know what information you want to see in a specific chart. Our charts are fast, full page charts, with swipe functionality that allow you to customize for intraday, daily, weekly and monthly time frames, 48 customizable technical indicators all in real-time. Analyze the stocks you are interested with your charting criteria with the touch of a finger.

Other Features


Financials and News

Market Pulse

Watchlist in the cloud. Easily keep tabs on the stocks that interest you with your watchlist. This watchlist is seamlessly synced with your other missingSTEP apps over multiple devices.

Fundamentals and important details about each stock. All the information you need to analyze each specific stock is at your fingertips within the app.

Market news and summary updated every minute helps you keep a tab on overall market sentiment. Including futures, market summary and news stories from popular and credible sources.

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We built missingSTEP to give people the power to take over their own investment portfolios. With the right education, trading tools, and market commentary, you can't help but improve your returns. Everyone from beginners to active day-traders will benefit from using missingSTEP.

missingSTEP is not a financial advisor, and does not recommend the purchase of any stock or advice on the suitability of any trade or investment. Stock trading and investing can cause loss of capital, and you should always consult with a professional financial advisor before trading or investing.

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