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It's been a long time coming, but here it is. A stock analysis app that is so advanced that it can filter the stock market and instantly identify those stocks showing the greatest potential for profit.

The newly developed Daily Stocks provides up to 91 technical scans, and delivers your options to you in a list of stocks to further analyze.

    Stock quotes and key financial information
    Customizable charts with common technical indicators
    Instantly updated stock specific news
    Fast and user friendly interface




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While ordinary stock analysis software have in the past been able to provide you with all the technical signals available, the problem has always been one of information overload - deciding which technical criteria to use, given the time available, so the right trading decision can be made before the opportunity is lost.

And not only is it accessible from your iPad as one app, but it's faster and easier to use than any other app you can name. So you can now identify the most promising stock trades long before most other traders, giving you a key competitive advantage.

The app has three easy to understand sections.

Stock Scans – This section lists stocks that meet 56 popular technical conditions.  The list includes moving average, MACD and stochastic crossovers, gaps, reversal price patterns, etc.

Japanese Candlesticks – This section lists most important candlestick patterns under three main categories; bullish, bearish and indecision signals.  Also for each list you can find the factors that intensify these patterns.

Overextended Stocks – This section lists the most oversold and overbought stocks compared to its price and moving average spreads.  However this is done using unique techniques. Here is important information about this extraordinary analysis:

Traditional stock trading apps have two further shortfalls - they tend to place too much emphasis on the simple moving average (SMA) indicator, and they cover price fluctuation by using an arbitrary percentage figure to determine if a stock is overbought or oversold.

But that simply isn't good enough, because different stocks fluctuate within different limits.


Here is what it looks like when we compare the 5-yr historical SMA spreads of two companies.

Red lines represent the standard deviation of the spread


Charts speak for themselves; over 5% spread puts ABT to an oversold/overbought territory, whereas that is over 10% for BBY. So basically comparing the SMA and price relationship of companies to find the most overextended stocks sometimes can be misleading.

So how do you decide whether a stock is really out of its normal range? With Daily Stocks you don't have to. It does all the work for you.

Daily Stocks compares the moving average spreads for all S&P 500 stocks with their 5 year historical spreads and highlight the stocks that are overbought or oversold and ranks these stocks from most overextended to the least.

And it does this for both short term and long term trading.

As well as giving you the latest news and charts, using its built-in technology, and filters the results so as to list only those stocks that show ALL the signs of being about to move up or down in price. To do this it receives and processes all the technical signals used in other, far more expensive, software programs - but faster and better.

Everything is presented to you in a neat list, direct to your iPad, wherever you are.

In summary this new iPad app gives you the answer to the question all traders down through the ages have always asked - "Which stocks can I trade today that will give me a profit - and should I go long or short?"

Daily Stocks must be one of the most powerful software apps now available for accurately forecasting stock price movements, and it's from the team that brought you the highly successful Stock Scans, Patterns and Smart Trading apps.

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