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Completely Renewed: Commodity Trader

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Our popular Commodity Trader app has been completely redesigned and updated the changes include:

- A completely new design
- iPhone support
- Predefined commodity etf lists
- Watchlist
- Commodity etf charts with auto fibonacci retracement lines.

There are a lot of valuable changes in this update which practically make this a new app.

Not familiar with Commodity Trader? Here’s how it work. Commodity Trader gives commodity signals based on historical data of selected commodities and constructs correlation/dispersion and volatility maps. A complex computerized mathematical model continuously checks prices and compares them to these maps by using various algorithms. If the price of a commodity future contract falls below its character map, it generates a buy signal. On the other hand, if the price goes above its character map, the tool generates a sell signal. As these anomalies occur, trading and significant profit opportunities arise.

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UPDATED: Commodity Trader for iPad – Now $10 Off

Commodity Trader for the iPad
Take $10 Off the UPDATED Commodity Trader for the iPad!

Take advantage of this one-time offer of $10 off of our very popular and recently updated app, Commodity Trader for the iPad. This sophisticated app provides daily buy and sell trading signals based on a complex mathematical model for selected commodities. Commodity Trader will be discounted for a limited time only, this sale ends on Sunday April 7, 2013 so act now!

New Features in Update:

- Online Access to Commodity Trader anywhere via your desktop browser. You must sign-on to your missingSTEP account within the app after updating or downloading it to open up Online Access.
- Updated the chart indicator legend, it’s now transparent making it possible to read the chart below the legend.

Available on the App Store


Sometimes the Biggest Change is Under the Hood!

Based on an analysis of over 67,000 lines of data over 2,080 different scenarios, we have made significant changes in our algorithms for both Commodity Trader and Forex Signals Apps. The result is two impressive money-making engines that have both increased their hit ratios for trade recommendations by over 35%. Our clients may not notice any changes in the design, but surely, they will see significant changes in their account balances.

The following is a sample of the enhanced features and changes made in our statistical models for Commodity Trader and Forex Trader Apps:

- Multifactor simultaneous screening
- Behavior pattern detection for more scenarios of possible market moves
- Minimization of variables in the inputs to avoid unnecessary changes in sideways markets
- Optimization of output data
- Enhanced modeling features for the analysis of correlation metrics
- Improvements made on the algorithm inputs of individual tickers

  • Click the following icons for more information on the each app:
  • Commodity Trader

Forex Signals

UPDATED: Commodities HD for iPad

Commodities HD for iPad

Commodities HD now featuring commodity charts

For just $0.99 you get commodity prices, charts, news & analysis, futures & market indices, commodity indices, a futures calendar, our very popular Market Direction Forecast, and the missingSTEP Blog all in one easy-to-use app. Commodities HD is the best value on the App Store!

If you are a professional trader and want a more powerful tool check out Commodity Trader!


Commodity Trader Note: Buy Gold, Crude; Sell Wheat – 07/30/2012

Gold: Our Commodity Trader model signaled a buy signal for Gold on the July 25th. The precious metal is up +1.94% since then. 1,570-1,600 range continues to be a key support level. We expect a rally in Gold until 1,700 in the coming weeks (maybe days as this week is a critical Central Banks-week). If more quantitative easing or asset purchase programs are announced, this will positively affect Gold prices upwards. 1,700 is a key level for a long-term bull trend, which would confirm further upside.

Crude Oil: Our Commodity Trader model signaled a buy signal for Crude Oil on July 30th (today). Crude oil has been establishing a small triangle formation recently. A relative underperformer of the generic recent commodity rally, crude may target $100 in the coming days. Both geographical tensions in the Middle East and Central Banks’ potential moves for further easing will accelerate this move. $87 is a key support (or stop for aggressive traders).

Wheat: Our Commodity Trader model signaled a sell signal for Wheat on July 19th. Due to drought weather conditions, the recent rally in grains’ prices has been very significant which has very positively affected wheat. However, wheat in general is more resistant to dry weather conditions than, for example, corn in nature. This factor was already reflected in the price short after the rally with a little pull-back. We expect a further decline in wheat prices in the coming days, targeting $840-$860 level as the first step. For all-grain-traders/funds our recommendation is to stay long in soybean.

For real-time signals of these and other commodities download Commodity Trader for the iPad now from iTunes AppStore now!


Arbitrage Trader Note 07/25/2012

As our clients have followed, our arbitrage model forecast for the generic market has been all bullish between July 13th and July 22nd. On July 22nd, we signaled a “sell” as soon as numbers came from the Asian markets. However, the same day, our model started to signal “buy” at around 11:00am EST while S&P was trading lower at 1,339s. Now, our arbitrage model signals an upward trend for the coming 7 trading days (until August 2nd):

  • Statistical arbitrage now recommendsbuy”. Our market model algorithm now indicates an upwards move in the market direction for at least the next 7 trading days. However, beyond that point, starting on August 2nd (remember last year?), we expect a fairly strong sell-off at this point in time. So, we recommend our clients to remain cautious.
  • Technically, we may still see some selling pressure in S&P500 down to 1,330 and even maybe further to 1,292. However, the last two sessions’ rallies towards the market closes support our current short-term bullish view. On the upside, we see 1,390 as a key resistance point. Another key level is of course 1,422, the highest level seen earlier this year, even though we do not expect to test that level soon.
  • Buy with these headlines? Yes, EU debt crisis is far from being resolved; Yes, Greece continues to be a problem; Yes, Spain’s bond yields cannot continue at these rates, and YES, EUR/USD, UST 10-Yrs, German Bunds all speak clearly about the seriousness of the problems. Additionally, US earnings are not surprisingly very much on the upside. However, as you all know, a good part of trading success comes from correct timing and patience. While we continue to see a negative macro picture, we also see some potential intervention by central banks and additional solutions on the table. As the markets hesitate to sell, it may be an early decision to sell into this hesitation.

In short, we reiterate our bullish view on the generic market for the coming 7 days.

You can have instant, and regular, access to our arbitrage model short-term forecast with any of the following apps: Stock Arbitrage Trader, Daily Stocks, Stock Signals, and Commodity Trader.

Commodity Trader P/L as of 7/11

Want to know if the signals in Commodity Trader actually work? Whether they are accurate and if they are actually worth acting on? Check out the following two screenshots which show the most recent signal and the correlating P/L information.

Of course, making the most the of the signals requires research, great patience, and a good exit strategy. However, it certainly can’t hurt to be ahead of the curve. Download Commodity Trader from the iTunes AppStore now!

[Video] Stock Arbitrage Trader & Commodity Trader App Overview by Charles Brown

Not quite sure about Stock Arbitrage Trader or Commodity Trader? Own them and want to get insight on how a professional trader uses these powerful tools? Charles Brown from CB3 FInancial Group explains how he uses these apps in his daily flow. How do you use these apps?

Download Stock Arbitrage Trader for the iPhone and iPad and Commodity Trader for the iPad directly from the iTunes AppStore.

We appreciate Charles Brown as a customer and the wonderful insight he provides, please visit to learn more about him and the services he offers.


Commodity Trader Features

Beyond the main functionality of its powerful Buy/Sell signals Commodity Trader has some pretty cool and functional features.

Commodity Charts
If you’re anything like us, you’re a chart-junkie. We love looking at, analyzing, dissecting, and just playing with charts. It’s a part of the makeup of most successful traders. Commodity Trader has an incredibly diverse and versatile charting tool. The charts range from intra-day to 10 year charts including over 40 technical indicators that are completely customizable.

Market Pulse
If you have other missingSTEP apps you are familiar with the Market Pulse page, it is definitely a user-favorite and it’s full of information. What makes this Market Pulse page unique is that Commodity Trader’s information and news is specific to commodities and futures contracts. Only the most relevant information will be presented to you.

Futures Calendar
Staying with the theme of relevant information, Commodity Trader offers a built in Futures Calendar. This is a daily calendar filled with relevant commodity events. All true futures traders know the value and importance of this small yet relevant feature.

While the features may not be the most important part of Commodity Trader for the iPad they certainly do help in your research and analysis. Our goal is to make you a more efficient and intelligent trader to increase your profit potential. Commodity Trader is available for download via the iTunes AppStore.

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