Completely Re-Designed: Market Scan

It’s been a long time coming but Market Scan for the iPad has been updated, and it’s not a minor update. We’ve completely redesigned this app. It’s now more powerful yet leaner and meaner than ever. The scans are now presented in a more visual state, allowing you to see how many stocks each scan holds at first glance. The watchlist has been updated and syncs amongst all of your missingSTEP apps. The charts have been improved, creating a better looking environment and a faster experience. Then there’s our personal favorite, the alerts section which notifies you which stocks from your Watchlist have popped in a specific scan that you happen to be keeping track of. This tracks both the pre-defined scans and the custom scans that you create. Powerful stuff.

A Look at the opening page. Easy to read titles, numbers of stock in each screen [Click Screenshot to Enlarge]
Market Scan Update 2

A look at the stocks within a scan [Click Screenshot to Enlarge]
Market Scan Update 1

Customizable charts that are fast and responsive [Click Screenshot to Enlarge]
Market Scan Update 3

Your Watchlist help you scan the stocks that you’re interested in [Click Screenshot to Enlarge]
Market Scan Update 4

The Alerts lets you track which of your Watchlist stocks fall under each scan you track [Click Screenshot to Enlarge]
Market Scan Update 5

If you haven’t already downloaded Market Scan you should definitely check it out now. If you have already downloaded Market Scan don’t forget to update, the new version has so many “Can’t Miss” type features.


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